Child eating lunch at daycare in Pasadena TX


Kool kid’s provides wholesome and nutritious meals to children. We are on the approved USDA food program and are monitored by them on food guidelines and procedures. We provide breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Supper on all days including Saturdays. A copy of the weekly food menu is available in the front office. parent can bring food, Snacks for their children.


We provide transportation to and from school.

Vans for transportation at daycare
Kool Kids Daycare in Pasadena TX taking a field trip

Field Trips

Kool Kid’s arranges field trips for the children for 4 and above only. Please look out for posting at least five days ahead of date. Please ensure that you submit the field trips permission form with the required charges for the field trip at least 2 days earlier.

Please ensure that required dress code is maintained for the comfort of the child during the trip. Failure to do all the above may result in your child not making the field trip.

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